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Dating the exodus from egypt

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There is no harmony as to the presuppositions set forth in order to try to arrive at a date that harmonizes with so-called archaeological findings, irrespective of the biblical data.) theologians and archaeologists.

Even though this essay addresses the interpretation of the data as presented by the archaeologists in establishing the late date (based on the accepted Egyptian chronology), nevertheless, the basic presupposition of this author (Dallas Burdette) is that the Bible is the final source of authority in establishing beyond doubt the time frame assigned for the Exodus.

The movie has since made its way to Netflix, and has become influential to many evangelicals.

Unfortunately, this is leading many people down the blind alley of the New Chronology.

With all the factual errors in the classic 4 hour Hollywood movie, "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" with Charlton Heston, the spectacular scene where Pharaoh army are drowned before his eyes and he drops his staff is exactly correct!

through the pillar of fire and cloud and brought the army of the Egyptians into confusion.

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At this time Ted Wright, Bryant Wood, Charles Ailing, and Douglas Petrovich are at the forefront in defending a 15th century exodus from Egypt (1446/7 BC).As one sifts through the various scholarly journals and books dealing with the date of the Exodus, one observes that there is no consensus as to the interpretation of the data.This essay seeks to examine both the late and early date as proposed by liberal and conservative scholars.John Davis and John Whitcombboth scholars accept the biblical account for the date of the Exodusexplain the position of many archaeologists this way: Many scholars, refusing to accept the historical accuracy of the numbers of the Bible, date these events in the thirteenth century BC One such example is the distinguished archaeologist, Kathleen Kenyon, who worked for many years in Palestinian excavations.She asserted forcefully her understanding of chronology: Chronology in Palestine cannot stand on its own feet until one is dealing with a relatively late epoch.As the Hyksos were of a similar racial stock as the Hebrews then it would have been a favourable time for their reception into the country and for Joseph's promotion. The length of the oppression causes problems for both sides.