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Her second live album, VH1 Storytellers was released in 2013.

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May result in the Magnet invoking Love You and Everybody if the Magnet doesn't want to break their hearts, or lose any of them if/when they finally choose the person they really love. Fanservice for characters designed to be a magnet for real-world people. Cranking this magnetism up results in Even the Guys Want Him/Even the Girls Want Her. Compare Clueless Chick Magnet, when the Chick Magnet doesn't even notice the effect they have, and The Charmer, who is seen as charismatic by others, including men. There are boxing games such as the Naruto Boxing Game, racing games such as the Naruto Motocross, puzzle games such as the one by Juegos Diarios, and adventure games such as Naruto Ultimate from Shonen Jump.In the Naruto Boxing Game, you will be pitted against a pro boxer and you have to dodge his punches while also getting in a few of your own.

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As Naruto, enjoy your ramen or your favorite dishes and drinks with this beautiful Naruto Shippuden bowl by ABYstyle. Standard size (460ml) - High quality printing process.

This usually means he ends up with two or more girls vying for his affections at the same time.

This trope comes with an amount of Wish Fulfillment for both genders.

Although the main title is "Chick Magnet" because Most Writers Are Male, plenty of Gender Inversion happens because Most Fanfic Writers Are Female. Overlaps often with the Unlucky Everydude and occasionally Unwanted Harem.

Chaste Heroes and Celibate Heroes are highly likely to be this.